Surface protection products -

3M Paint Protection Film.

What is 3M Paint protection film ?

Paint Protection Film is a tough 100% clear urethane film computer
cut from a 3M digital design database to perfectly fit your car's most vulnerable painted surfaces Protects against stone chips , bugs , road debris & minor wall scrapes .

Keeps your original paintwork protected underneath & ensures
your car retains top re-sale value & will save on cosmetic repairs. 

Once applied its very hard to tell its on your car or bike , The film
has the exact gloss properties as paintwork and is treated the same.

For more info visit-  3M Ventureshield PP film FAQ's

3M Ventureshield Paint Protection Film options & prices- 

Wear & tear - Door edges inner handles + inner sills
+ top rear bumper from.....$200+gst

Standard Front - Part bonnet + part fenders + front bumper
+ headlights + wing mirrors from .....$800+gst

Premium Front - Full bonnet + full fenders + front bumper
+ headlights + wing mirrors + A pillars & top roof from..... $1600+gst 

Motorbike patterns also available 

Total Surface Protection Package Deal-

1. 3M Paint Protection film Standard front  
2. Gtechniq C1 Quartz Nano Coating
3. Gtechniq Leather or fabric Smart coating.

Complete package from $1100 +gst ( small car )

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Gtechniq - Smart Surface Science Nano-coat.

What is the Gtechniq smart surface nano-coat & what does it do ?

Gtechniq C1 is a quartz 
coating that not only protects surfaces
from environmental fallout but also creates a new durable , dirt 
repelling , easy cleaning, high gloss finish that eliminates the need  
to have to constantly wax or polish for shine .

Gtechniq C1 is NOT a POLISH , a WAX or a SEALANT ,
Does NOT contain silicone or fillers that fade & wash away .

Unlike old school polishes & waxes, Gtechniq smart surface coatings  
can be applied to the complete exterior surface including the plastics, 
rubbers, alloys & glass and not just to the paintwork like most other 
paint protection products .
We provide Gtechniq smart surface nano-coatings for most surfaces ,
whether it's for your car, bike, boat, home or any other surface you 
want kept looking new & self cleaning without all that usual hard work.

We provide an on-line registered warranty together
with our 24/7 Glosstech customer aftercare .


C1 Crystal Lacquer Paint Protection Nano-Coat.  

  • Increases paint gloss & luster creating a new permanent high gloss finish.
  • 100% clear layer that cures rock hard to become the new functional surface.
  • No re-applications needed & eliminates need for future polishing or waxing .
  • Protects against UV rays, bird poo, tree sap , insect splatter & other fallout.
  • Independently tested at the Arizona Q-Lab outdoor test facility 2007 .
  • includes premium cleaning kit & 24/7 Glosstech aftercare .
  • Gtechniq Australia warranty.Warranty Terms & condition - 

​Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer
 application from *$495

      ttp:// Crystal_Lacquer_/20
      *includes gst , warranty & aftercare kit

Gtechniq L1 leather Guard Nano-coating 

Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric Nano-coating

     Prevents staining from accidental spills & keeps it looking new!

  • 100% V.O.C safe ( Volatile Organic Compound ) -
  • Creates an anti-dirt and liquid repelling surface.
  • Protects against leather dye transfer & fading.
  • Non greasy and super smooth feel and touch.
  • Prevents pre-mature breakdown of the stitching. 

  • Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard application from $70* 
  • Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric application from $70*              

  • product info-  
    *New car price only - Used cars may reqiure shampooing before treatment 

Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour.
Dont let your cars brake dust destroy your alloys!          

  • Prevents constant brake dust build up on your alloy wheels .
  • Prevents the need to use degreasers or harsh detergents. 
  • Prevents hot brake particles etching into alloy wheel surface.
  • Environmentally friendly & water saving product.

     Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Amour From $50 a wheel*

     *New wheel application only. 

Gtechniq G1 & G2 Clear Vision Glass Nano-coating. 

      Drastically improves vision whilst driving in the rain.
  • G1 Glass coating is the ultimate water & dirt repellant for glass.
  • Enables clearer vision in undesirable road or track conditions.
  • Non-stick surface prevents bugs or dirt sticking to glass.
  • Coating lasts up to 20,000 klm .

Gtechniq G1 & G2 windscreen application from $60 


  Electronic Anti-Rust Systems 

COUPLERTEC heavy duty system -10 year warranty
       Quality Australian made electrical product with 10 year guarantee. 

  • Sends a continuous pulsating current to the steel panels & frame 24/7
  • All over rust prevention, not only where sprayed chemicals reach.
  • Environmentally friendly with no chemical emissions or odours.
  • Can be transfered to any new car.
  • 10 year domestic warranty- 6 year commercial warranty.

COUPLERTEC HD 2 coupler anti-rust sytstem installed- $695

​HD 4 coupler anti-rust system installed-  $795

Effects of bird poo on untreated paint!
Dont let this happen to your car! 
This is what our customers say-

"Hi Luc, Thanks for the follow up ,the paintwork looks great and its easy to keep clean, my friends have commented how shinny my car is all the time, I tell them it's this nano coating ,they will contact you later for a price, all the best & thanks for the great job." 

Many thanks Mario Azzopardi - Owner of Landrover Discovery
Hi Luc,Thank you for sending through the shampoo that I received today.I will definitely do as instructed. I really appreciate your efforts and the fantastic job you did on my car , you prove to be a rarity in the current automotive industry - a man with integrity!

Regards Nishan tihal. - Owner of Black BMW X5 


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